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Union County Historic Playing cards are here. While you enjoy your favorite game of poker, rummy or even war, you can peruse the pictures and captions of various historical sites and events of Union County.
These decks make great gifts for everyone. Speaking of gifts, the holiday season is right around the corner. They are available for $9 a deck plus $3 S&H or they can be picked up at the office. If you order between 2-5 decks, S&H is $5.
Cards can also be picked up at the following locations:
The Mercantile at 319 Market Street, Lewisburg
Laurel Markets 1415 PA-235, Laurelton
Tastecraft Market 315 Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg

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Union County Coloring Book

UCHSColoringBookThe newly reprinted coloring book Color Me Union County features 14 historic building in Union County, including a schoolhouse, train station, covered bridge, the courthouses, historic mill, barn and homes. The accompanying text describes each historic building.

The price is $5 per book. A standard set of crayons is included with your purchase at no charge.

You can order online and pick up the coloring book and crayons at the UCHS office, or you can order online and we can ship the book and crayons to you. S&H $4.

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Lewisburg DVD


The DVD 1937 in Lewisburg contains rare footage of people, places and happenings in the borough shot by an unknown photographer in 1937.  You can order your DVD today and have it sent by mail, or you can pick up the DVD at the UCHS office.

Copy of the DVD can be purchased at the following location:

The Mercantile in Lewisburg, PA


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Pick up at office – Please send your contact information so we can call or email you when the DVD is ready for pick up.

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Heritage Volume XXV, 2016 History of Funerals and Funeral Directing in Union County, Pennsylvania

Authors James L. and Carol G. Schwartz of Mifflinburg draw on their extensive professional experience as well as their experience of living and raising a family in a Union County funeral home to tell us the story of a long tradition now in flux. American society has a strong tradition of showing respect for the person who has died by a dignified funeral, when the living “pay their respects” and say their goodbyes. The funeral has, for centuries, been a somber occasion, most often associated with a religious service and a cemetery committal. The History of Funerals and Funeral Directing in Union County tells the story of that tradition and how it has changed and continues to change in Central Pennsylvania.

History of Funerals


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Heritage Volume XXIV, 2014 Water-Powered Gristmills of Union County

Authored by Tom Rich and David W. Del Testa. The history of the county is told through the stories of the forty gristmills and the people that operated them in every corner of the county. These mills are placed within both an international and statewide historical context. Along with descriptions of the lives and times of these mills, the book explains the historical development of Grist Mill Technologies and their impact on the growth and physical landscape of the county. 260 pages of text, drawings and historical photographs.

Water-Powered Grist Mill


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Heritage Volume XXII 2010, Cows on the Landscape and a Milkman at Your Door: Dairy in Union County 1900-2005

Heritage Volume XXI 2010, Cows on the Landscape and a Milkman at Your Door: Dairy in Union County 1900-2005.  Authors William Dwitrick, Hertha Wehr, Donald Hoy, Tony Shively, Mareta Digan and Jeannette Lasansky take the reader on a historical overview of dairy in Union County.


Cows on the Landscape


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Heritage Volume XXI 2008, Samuel Dale 1741-1804: A Life and Estate in Union County

Authors Forrest K. Fothergill, Ted Strosser, James Clements and Jeannette Lasansky give the reader a historical glance of the first settlers in the county and discusses his life and his homestead.



Samuel Dale


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Heritage Volume XX 2006 The History of the Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg

Authors John Roberts, Diana Lasansky, Lois Hoffines, and Jeannette Lasansky discuss the many different aspects of the Penitentiary located at Lewisburg.



History of the Fed Pen at Lewisburg


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Heritage Volume XIX 2004, The J.A. Spigelmyer Rod & Gun Club and The Union County Sportmen's Club - A Look Back

Authors Lois Huffines, Car R. Catherman and David Johnson take a unique look at the Spigelmyer Rod and Gun Club as well as the Union County Sportsmen’s Club both located in Union County.



JA Spigelmyer Rod and Gun


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Heritage Volume XVII 2000, Theodore Sterner Christ Civil War Surgeon from Union County

Author Kenn Reagle discusses the life and times of Theodore Sterner Christ as he grew up in Union County. He gives us an inside look at Christ’s diaries and looks at his time served as a surgeon-in-chief in the Union Army.


Theodore Sterner Christ

Under Construction: descriptions and pictures to be added; electronic submission under consideration

Heritage Series are located below. You can order them directly online. 

All Prices on this book list (excluding Millennial Heritages tax will be added in shopping cart) include sales tax.
$16.00     $14.25     1937 Lewisburg DVD
$16.00     $14.25     1937 Mifflinburg and West End
$23.25     $21.00     A Good Start: The Aussteir or Dowry
$16.00     $14.25     African Americans in Union County: Slave and Free/ 2012 Heritage
$20.00     $19.00     Alvira and the Ordinance
$20.00     $19.00     Alvira Surrender DVD
$10.00      $9.00      Alvira Map
$47.00     $43.00     Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania
  $6.00       $5.75     Annual Calendar
$10.00     $11.50     Articles on Benjamin Focht, Jost Heinrich Fries, etc./ 1978 Heritage
$26.50     $23.75     Atlas of Union and Snyder Counties 1868 (temporarily out of stock)
$26.50     $23.75     Buffalo Valley History
$10.00     $10.00     Directory of Prominent Business Places in Lbg./ 1986 Heritage
  $4.25       $3.75     Genealogical Map of the Counties
$  7.50     $ 7.50     Independent Dragoons
$12.00     $10.50     History of Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church
$10.00     $10.00     History of Mifflinburg/ 1992 Heritage
$10.50       $9.50     History of the First Lutheran Church, Mifflinburg
$15.00     $15.00     History and Magic of the Honeycomb
$26.50     $23.75     In the Heart of Pennsylvania: Symposium Papers
$31.75     $28.50     Index to Annals of Buffalo Valley
$10.00     $10.00     Kelly, Wht Deer, Gregg, E. Buffalo & Union Twp./ 1998 Heritage
$23.00     $21.00     Lewisburg - Images of America
$21.25     $19.00     Lewisburg, Pa Cemetery on CD
$23.00     $21.00     Mifflinburg and the West End
$10.00     $10.00     New Berlin & the Twps. of Limestone and Buffalo/ 1996 Heritage
$19.00     $17.00     New Berlin and the Buffalo Valley
$20.00     $20.00     Necessary Rules for Children in Pennslvania
  $5.00       $5.00     Old Buffalo Church (225th Anniversary Issue)
$15.00     $13.50     On the Cutting Edge
$10.00      $9.00      On the Road: History Throughout Union County Car Tour
$15.00     $13.50     PA Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank
$20.00     $18.00     Pieced by Mother: Symposium Papers
$35.00     $31.50     Rural Delivery: Postcards from Central PA. - hard cover
$20.00     $18.00     Rural Delivery: Postcards from Central Pa. - soft cover
$13.50     $12.50     The Civil War Remembered
$37.00     $33.50     Tombstone Inscriptions of Union County
$10.50     $10.50     Underground Railroad (Limited Stock - call for availability)
$42.50     $38.00     Union County Cemeteries on CD
$23.00     $21.00     Union County River Towns
$59.50     $53.50     Union County: A Celebration of History
$10.00     $10.00     Union County's Role in World War I/ 1988 Heritage

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Herald Angels: Christmas Music in Pennsylvania 1820-1920 HOLIDAY SPECIAL UNTIL DECEMBER 15

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Herald Angels: Christmas Music in Pennsylvania 1820-1920

The Union County Historical Society has re-released the Herald Angels CD of traditional Christmas music just in time for the holiday season. Listen to  "Merry Merry Christmas Bells," "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas," "O Christmas Tree," "Herald Angels," "Wir Singen Dir, O Friede Furst," and more.  Lyrics to the songs, and notes on their history are provided with the CD.
Herald Angels is available for sale at the Open Door Gallery, Market St., and Natural Food and Garden Store, W. Market St., Lewisburg, and at the society office in the county courthouse, S 2nd St., Lewisburg.
You can place your order now for the CD, or you can send a check to 103 South 2nd Street, Lewisburg, PA. 17837 The CD sells for $9, shipping is $3.