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May Merchandise Sale - All merchandise, including books, maps, postcards, and tee shirts, are on sale until May 31st. Buy one item, get the other at 1/2 off the regular price. (Offer excludes the 2018 Heritage publication The Shape of Time in Buffalo Valley: Farmsteads and Barns of Union County, Pennsylvania, by Chris Macneal.)  


These 100 % cotton, commemorative tee shirts, available in green and grey, honor Samuel Wolfe and Helen Fairchild, two Union County natives who served during World War I. Captain Wolfe commanded Troop M, a local cavalry company. Fairchild served as a volunteer nurse in France and treated the wounded and dying at Ypres.

Shirts are $  each and available for purchase at the UCHS office office or online. Please indicate size and color in the box below. If ordering online, please add $   s/h.



Union County Magnets show the townships and boroughs that make up the county. Townships are outlined in school district colors. Magnets are $2.50 and can be purchased at the office or online. Please include $1 s/h if ordering online.


 New Berlin, Union and Snyder Counties 1868Reproduction maps from the 1868 Pomeroy & Beers  Atlas of Union and Snyder Counties, Pennsylvania. All Union County townships and boroughs are available. These detailed maps include roads, waterways, property owners, school houses, churches, and businesses.

Printed on card stock, these maps are $5 each and approximately 12.5 by 17.5 inches in size. Maps can be purchased at the UCHS office or online. Please include $3 s/h. 


Color Me Union County features fourteen historic structures in Union County. Images include a school house, train station, covered bridge, courthouse, and mill. Accompanying text describes each site. A standard set of crayons is included.

Coloring book is $5 and available at the UCHS office or online. Please include $4 s/h if ordering online.



Retail               Member

$10                  $10                  Spirit of “76, Benjamin Focht, Jost Heinrich Fries, Tour of                                                                               Union County, Blacksmiths/Tinsmiths in Union County (1978)                     $10                  $10                  Directory of Prominent Business Places in Lewisburg &                                                                                   1880 Calendar (1980)

$10                  $10                  Union County’s Role in World War I (1988)

$10                  $10                  History of Mifflinburg (1992)

$10                  $10                  History of Union County, New Berlin, Townships                                                                                               of Limestone and Buffalo (1996)

$10                  $10                  History of Union County and the following townships: Kelly,                                                                           White Deer, Gregg, East Buffalo, and Union (1998)    

$10                  $                      Theodore Sterner Christ, Civil War Surgeon from Union                                                                                    County (2000)

$15                  $                      The J.A. Spigelmyer Rod & Gun Club and The Union County                                                                           Sportsmen’s Club – A Look Back (2004)

$20                  $                      The History of the Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg (2006)

$15                  $                      Samuel Dale 1741-1804: A Life and Estate in Union County                                                                               (2008)

$15                  $                      Cows on the Landscape and a Milkman at Your Door: Dairy in                                                                         Union County 1900-2005 (2010)

$15                  $15                  African-Americans in Union County: Slave and Free (2012)

$25                  $                      Water-Powered Gristmills of Union County (2014)

$21                  $                      History of Funerals and Funeral Directing in Union County,                                                                             Pennsylvania (2016)

$26                  $                     The Shape of Time in Buffalo Valley: Farmsteads and Barns of Union

                                               County, Pennsylvania (2018)


Retail               Member

$21.99             $                      Centralia

$21.99             $                      Lewisburg: Images of America

$21.99             $                      Lock Haven

$21.99             $                      Mifflinburg and the West End

$21.99             $                      Muncy

$19.00             $                      New Berlin and Buffalo Valley

$21.99             $                      Sugar Valley Villages

$21.99             $                      Sullivan County

$21.99             $                      Union County River Towns            


Retail               Member

$47                  $                      Annals of Buffalo Valley: 1755-1855

$30                  $                      Index to the Annals of Buffalo Valley: 1755-1855

$20                  $                      Buffalo Valley History: History of the Grofdale Mennonites 1960-2004

$12                  $                      Civil War Remembered

$3                    $                      Genealogical Maps of the Counties

$18                  $                      A Good Start: The Aussteier or Dowry

$5                    $                      History and Magic of Honeycomb

$12                  $                      History of Christ Lutheran

$10                  $                      Holiday Honeycomb

$5                    $                      Lasting Impressions: South Ward

$5                    $                      Old Buffalo Church

$15                  $                      On the Cutting Edge

$20                  $                      Pieced by Mother: Symposium Papers

$15                  $                      Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank

$35                  $                      Rural Delivery: Real Photo Postcards from Central PA (hard bound)

$20                  $                      Rural Delivery: Real Photo Postcards from Central PA (soft bound)

$7.50               $                      Sabre Strokes of Independent Dragoons

$10.50             $                      Underground Railroad (National Park Service)

$40                  $                      Union County, Pennsylvania: A Celebration of History


Retail               Member         

$5                    $                      Herald Angels (Christmas Music)

$20                  $                      Lewisburg Cemetery

$5                    $                      Union County Car Tour

$40                  $                      Union County Cemeteries


Retail               Member

$16                  $                      1937 Lewisburg

$16                  $                      1937 Mifflinburg

$24.95             $                      Safe Harbor: All Men are Created Equal

$20                  $                      Surrender! Sudden Death of Alvira, Pennsylvania


Retail               Member

$8                    $                      Union County Historic Playing Cards – standard, 52-card deck


UCHS is excited to offer reproduction postcards from the past. Cards are $1 each or three for $2.50. You can buy them at the UCHS office or online.


A. West End Fair, circa 1930s – photographer unknown
B. Covered bridge, south side of Penns Creek facing New Berlin, circa mid-1899s – photographer unknown
C. West End Fair, circa 1920s – Charles Lindig, photographer

New Image





D. Last passenger train in Mifflinburg, August 5, 1956 – photographer unknown
E. Narrow gauge passenger train traveling between New Berlin and Winfield, circa early-1900s – photographer unknown

F. Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive #2233 outside of Lewisburg, circa 1990.

G. Pennsylvania Railroad station in Mifflinburg, 1907.

 H. Glen Iron station, 1907, along the Pennsylvania Railroad

  I. Vicksburg railroad station along the Pennsylvania Railroad, circa early 1900s

  J. Mazeppa Union Church, as it is called today, winter setting, early 20th century

  K. Slifer House, circa 1920s