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"Exploring Union County's Past to Inform the Present and Future"

For over a hundred years, the Union County Historical Society has gathered, recorded, and shared this county’s rich past. The oral histories, honored memories, and treasured heirlooms in our archives and collections capture and chronicle the essence of time and place.

Explore newspapers, publications, property histories, and genealogies. Join us and discover how your place in time links with ours. This is where your personal journey begins.

What's New?

West End Fair - August 5 - 11 at Lincoln Park

Stop by the UCHS booth at the fair. Books and other items will be on sale. On Monday, 5 August at 6 PM in the Community Building, Bruce Teeple will give a talk about how anti-German propaganda affected Union County during World War I in War Fever. 

Summer DEW House Tour

Exhibits will be on display during the summer from 1 to 4 PM on the following Sunday afternoons: 24 June, 15 July, 29 July, 12 August, and 26 August. House tours will be available throughout these afternoons. Tours are free; donations welcome.


What's Happened!


World War I was a blend of both 19th and 20th Century technology and weaponry. Andrew Lysiak, a veteran and expert in military history, shared information about this transitional war and Troop M, a local cavalry unit. Visitors, young and old, participated in his “please touch” exhibit of period rifles, handguns, helmets, and caps.       


Andrew Lysiak, speaker                                           Boomer modeling a German helmet



On Saturday, 16 June, Kim Mattern led an archaeological dig and explained the process archaeologists use to unearth and record evidence of past communities. He gave background information about the Susquehannocks and provided plenty of artifacts to study. Participants learned that patience and determination pay off when combing a site for artifacts. Student photographer, Micah Zook, visually recorded group activities and findings.


This day camp was sponsored by the G. Scott and Bessie K. Guyer Foundation and Weis Markets.