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Union County is strategically located to provide businesses with exceptional access to both markets and labor. Interstate 80, the nation's second-longest interstate, bisects Union County, bringing the New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia,  Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. metro areas all within a three-hour travel.

Air travel to Union County is also convenient. The closest commercial airport is just 20 minutes away, and a number of major and international airports are within an hour by air.

The North Shore Railroad provides rail service to Union County, serving a number of commercial sites, including Great Stream Commons, a 670-acre commercial and industrial park located in Allenwood. The short-line railroad connects with Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific just minutes to the south of Union County. Major cargo ports including the Port of Philadelphia are located within three hours of Union County.

Union County is also accessed by a number of major commuting corridors, including Interstate 80, the expanding Interstate 180, US Highway 15, US Highway 147, and PA Highway 45. Combined with an average commute time of 27 minutes in Central PA, these corridors afford Union County an unparalleled radius from which to draw labor.

Additional transportation information.

Commuting Patterns and Data

Over 62% of people working in Union County commute more than 15 minutes, while nearly 25% travel over 30 minutes each day. High average commute times plus superior commuter roads means that businesses in Union County draw from a much larger radius than many similar-size rural counties.

Real Estate Tax Rates

The following table provides tax rate data for Union County, Union County boroughs and townships, and school districts. Tax rate data is also detailed to show Library and Debt Service amounts for County taxes, and Fire Protection and Hydrants maintenance for local municipalities where applicable.

Current Real Estate Tax Rates