Nearly 40% of U.S. population within a day of travel.

Route 15 and Interstate 80

Union County is strategically located to provide businesses with exceptional access to markets and labor. New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. are all within a three-hour drive.

  • Nation's second-longest interstate bisects Union County

  • Commercial airports within 20 minutes

  • International airports within three hours

  • Rail and cargo services by North Shore Railroad (connected with Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific)

  • Major commuter corridors, including U.S. Highways 15, 147 and 45.

Commercial airports are as close as 20 minutes from Union County, and a number of major and international airports are within three hours of Union County.

North Shore Railroad provides rail and cargo services to Union County. The short-line railroad connects with Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific just minutes to the south of Union County. Major cargo shipping ports and multimodal facilities are located within three hours of Union county.

Union County is also accessed by a number of major commuter corridors, including Interstate 80, US Highway 15, US Highway 147, and PA Highway 45, which combine to offer Union County an unparalleled laborshed radius.