May 18, 2017

PA Tax Amnesty Program Announced

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has announced the start of a Tax Amnesty program. This limited-time opportunity is available today, April 21 through June 19 to individuals and businesses that owe past-due taxes to the Commonwealth. For 60 days only, the Department of Revenue will waive all penalties and half of the interest for those who participate.

We ask that you join us to raise awareness about this program. PA Tax Amnesty will provide relief for those feeling the burden of unpaid taxes and is only being offered for a limited time.

The Tax Amnesty program was created by Act 84 of 2016 and is intended to generate an estimated $100 million for the current year state fiscal budget.

Individuals and businesses must apply for tax amnesty and make a full payment by June 19, 2017. The Department of Revenue will send a letter about tax amnesty to the last known address of delinquent taxpayers. Any taxpayers who have been flying under the radar are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.

Hotline: 844-PA- STATE-TAX (844-727- 8283)