January 15, 2018

Officials Convene Meeting in Barn to Address Flooding Issues

Union County Board of Commissioners

Union County Government Center


Officials Convene Meeting in Barn to Address Flooding Issues

Roads and bridges in Millmont area remain closed.

MILLMONT, PA - January 15, 2018.  An emergency public meeting was convened this evening in the barn of Gerald Boop, 726 Ranck Road, Millmont (Hartley Township).  The meetings was convened by the Hartley Township Supervisors and attended by Supervisors of Hartley and Lewis Townships, the Commissioners of Union County, and representatives of Union County Emergency Services, Penn DOT, and Mifflinburg and the West End fire and ambulance services. The crowd easily exceeded 100 persons.

As the meeting was taking place, Penn DOT was again moving ice off of flooded Creek and Millmont Roads. Earlier actions by Penn DOT have already enabled large truck agricultural deliveries. Penn DOT and Lewis Township officials present pledged to continue clearing ice from the roads to enable agricultural deliveries and access from emergency vehicles.  However, numerous officials present urged citizens not to attempt auto passage as the water and ice depths are difficult to judge and subject to rapidly  changing conditions.

Fire and ambulance services have developed response plans for residents needing emergency assistance on the south side of Penns Creek which include strategic placements of emergency equipment. All citizens needing assistance should direct calls for help to 9.1.1.  Township and county officials are also prepared to assist citizen with emergency needs such as medications.  Citizens not knowing how to handle a non-emergency situation on the south side of the creek can direct those inquires on the non-emergency line at 9.1.1 at 570-523-1113.

A western land route as been established across private lands including access on Jack Road and Myrtle Road to Route 235. Officials cautioned that this access is one lane (with few passing spots) and rough in many spots.  Hartley Township crews will be working to improve this access lane on Tuesday to accommodate emergency vehicles.  Needless to say, this road is intended for the most essential trips. The Millmont Red Covered Bridge is available for foot and bicycle traffic and small all terrain vehicles.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protections (DEP) is scheduled to meet with Union County Emergency and local officials on Tuesday morning to consider measures to alleviate the flooding.

Further updates will be posted on the Union County Facebook page, the Union County Emergency Management Facebook page, and the Union County website at UnionCountyPA.org.

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