December 06, 2017

Proposed 2018 County Budget now available

The 2018 Proposed Budget comments

The 2018 Proposed Budget expense is $20,114,746 which represents a $502,015 decrease in expense from 2017.  The main reason for the decrease is in Capital expenditures which had a $600,000 911 CAD system budgeted in 2017. The 2018 Proposed expense has a 2.8% increase in Health Insurance premium, a COLA and Step increase for salaries, and increase in Contribution to agencies.

The 2018 Proposed Budget revenue is $18,914,705 which represents a $1,702,056 decrease in revenue from 2017. The two main reasons in the decrease of revenue are Fund balance being budgeted in 2017 and Reimbursement of expenses decreased in 2018. In 2017 we budgeted $648,299 fund balance which in the proposed 2018 budget has $0. The Reimbursement of expenses decreased due to the 911 CAD system reimbursement in 2017 budget and the reimbursement to the General Fund out of the Capital Improvement fund for capital projects in 2018.

The Commissioners will be working on balancing the 2018 budget in the next couple of weeks. Currently the Commissioners do not anticipate a need to increase Real Estate tax in 2018. 

The proposed budget can be viewed here.