October 16, 2017

Walk it! Bike it! Local Candidate Meet-n-Greet

Calling all Lewisburg area voters (Lewisburg Borough, East Buffalo, Kelly, and Union Townships):

Do you walk and bike regularly? Do your friends and family? Would you and/or they like to do more of it? Do you think about ways to make the Lewisburg area a safer and more inviting place to do so?  Would you like to talk to candidates for local office in the Lewisburg area to find out what they think about this subject? Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg invites you to come do just that! 

WIBI is hosting a meet and greet on the topic of walkability and bikeability in advance of the Nov 7 election on Thursday, October 19, at 7:30pm at Earl’s Bicycle Store at 429 Fairground Rd. We are polling candidates for municipal, county and school board posts in the Lewisburg Area School District about their views and have invited them to come meet you, their walking and biking constituency.  Earl's Bicycle Shop will host the event and provide refreshments.  For more info:  walkitbikeit.org and Walk It Bike It Lewisburg on facebook.