April 11, 2019

Walk or Bike in Lewisburg? Take the Survey!

Walk It, Bike It (WIBI) Lewisburg is asking for public input on biking in the Lewisburg area. The  Bike Survey being circulated in the community for people who either currently bike in the Lewisburg area or would like to.  The survey is live now and WIBI invite you and anyone you know with an interest in the topic to complete the survey.  It can be accessed online at bit.ly/WIBIsurvey2019.  The link as well as background information on the project is also available on the LNC website here.  And for those who don’t have computer access, there are hard copies available at the Public Library for Union County, the Lewisburg Borough Office, and at Earl’s Bicycle Store.  Hard copies can be either returned by mail or dropped off at the Borough office or scanned and emailed to elmstreet@windstream.net.