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East Buffalo Township and Lewisburg Borough, together with their partners, Union County and PennDOT, have begun a study of the US Route 15 Corridor. US Route 15, a major north-south arterial through central Pennsylvania, is a critical element of the region’s transportation system. It links the Lewisburg area with Harrisburg to the south and I-80 to the north.

US Route 15 is especially important locally, connecting residents with shopping and services along the Susquehanna River. The roadway also serves a "main street" function as it passes through Union County communities including East Buffalo Township and Lewisburg Borough. The corridor’s "main street" role is challenged, however, by the high traffic volumes and trucks traveling this route in proximity to residences and businesses. Existing traffic volumes and speeds can discourage walking and cycling, resulting in more dependence on auto travel even for short, local trips.

Many community assets are concentrated along this portion of the US Route 15 corridor including Lewisburg’s vibrant and historic downtown, quiet residential neighborhoods, Bucknell University, and area schools as well as local parks and recreation facilities. Physical conditions along the corridor like topography, infrastructure and existing land use can and will limit major transportation improvements. However, context sensitive or ‘smart’ roadway improvements in the corridor are achievable and can provide for efficient traffic operations, improved safety, multimodal options and a good "fit" within the local setting. The goal is to develop the plan with efficient, functional concepts and designs that are compatible with the community. The plan will also develop recommendations that are consistent with the local community vision and that are compatible with US Route 15.

This plan will take an integrated and comprehensive approach to include land use and transportation analysis with a focus on improved mobility, safety, development, redevelopment and quality of life in the corridor communities. The corridor plan will consider and balance future traffic capacity demands of US Route 15 with the land use context, community vision and options for multimodal travel. The plan limits generally extend from William Penn Drive to Beagle Club/River Road. The future vision for the corridor will also take its cue from the recently adopted Multi-Municipal and County Comprehensive Plans.

The Scope of Work for the preparation of the US Route 15 Corridor Plan consists of four phases encompassing Inventory, Visioning, Draft Corridor Plan and the Final Plan. All totaled it will take about one year to complete. Critical to the development of the plan will be input from the community and important stakeholders. In addition to the Steering Committee meetings, several public workshops will be held over the course of the planning effort. Residents, business owners and all interested parties need to get involved to have their voices heard and to assist in improving the corridor.

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