Board Meetings regularly scheduled at 2:00pm on the First and Third Tuesdays of each month will be held as scheduled, but in a virtual setting until further notice.  Please review the Union County website for the meeting calendar, access to virtual meetings as well as future meeting updates.

The Board of Commissioners and the employees of Union County continue to work daily in order to keep your county government as open and available as possible. We continue to encourage all residents to follow the public health recommendations in order to fight the pandemic.  Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Preston BoopJeff ReberStacy Richards
ChairmanVice ChairmanSecretary

Three county commissioners constitute the chief governing board for Union County government. They are responsible for policy making, fiscal management, and administration, and together with their executive staff, manage a large and diverse organization.

The commissioners  are responsible for the preparation, adoption and execution of the annual county budget. They name department heads and appoint various boards, authorities, and committees.

The commissioners partner with the Court of Common Pleas in the administration of the court, offices of the court, and corrections. The commissioners are responsible for tax assessment and administration, emergency services and 9-1-1 communications, planning, the conduct of elections, upkeep of county buildings and bridges, and economic development.

County commissioners share in the implementation of state and federally mandated programs such as soil conservation, veterans’ affairs, children and youth services, mental health, intellectual disability, and drug and alcohol services.

Every four years, the Republican and Democratic Party each nominate two candidates for commissioner and three are elected guaranteeing representation from both parties.