Union County Community Garden

Welcome to the Garden!

Celebrate central Pennsylvania's agricultural roots by joining the Union County Community Garden! This community garden, located 1/4 mile west of Country Cupboard on Hafer Road in Lewisburg, provides a outdoor place to interact with local Union County citizen members and a place to grow organic produce and plants.  All levels of green thumbs welcome!


Rules and Registration Form


1. Start planting your plot by June 1st.  If you do not the garden manager will contact you and you risk losing your plot for the season with no refund.  By November 30th, unless you have a winter crop planted or are renting the same plot next season, you need to clean up your plot by removing dead plants and all plant supports, etc. you have used during the season.

2. Do not neglect your plot or the areas around your plot and the pathway weeded/mowed/mulched.

3. If for any reason you will be unable to maintain your plot (health, vacation, work pressure, moving, etc.), inform the garden manager.

4. Perennial woody plants such as raspberries or trees are not to be planted in garden plots.  However, perennial non-woody plants such as rhubarb, strawberries and asparagus are allowed.  Only plant these if you intent on renting the same plot in subsequent seasons.

5. To reduce water evaporation and unwanted weeds, gardeners are encouraged to mulch with leaves, grass clippings, bark mulch provided at the garden or other organic materials.  Use of newspapers is not permitted.*

6. Help prevent mowing hazards. Do not dump rocks in the pathways or into any grassy areas.  Do not use short metal stakes.

7. Gardeners need to conserve water.  The garden has to pay for water usage. It is not free.  Please be diligent in shutting the water off after use.  No overnight or unattended watering is permitted.  Gardeners should report all leaks to the garden manager. 

8. Each gardener is responsible for their own trash removal.

9. Gardeners agree to volunteer time toward community gardening efforts by helping during the work parties or helping to maintain the community area of the garden.  Work parties will be scheduled throughout the gardening season.

10. Gardeners will not enter, plant, weed, water or harvest from any other members plot unless specifically invited by the gardener who rents the lot.  Please be careful to keep hoses on the path and not in other gardener’s plots.

11. Garden shed: a) The garden shed is a community space. There is no mulch room. b) Be aware that any personal tools stored in the shed are available for other gardeners to use.  If you do not wish your tools to be used by others, do not store them in the shed. c) Clean all tools after use and return them to the shed. d) The shed door must be locked.  Please check the door before you leave the garden.

12. Any and all UCCG power equipment may only be operated by those over 16 years of age.

13. Children are welcome at the garden when accompanied and supervised by an adult.

14. Gardeners agree to not bring pets to the garden.

15. Growing or using illegal substances in the garden will lead to immediate expulsion with no refund of plot fee.  No alcoholic beverages permitted at the garden.

16. Gardeners should park cars in the parking lot, not along the road.

17. This garden is to be ORGANIC – no insecticides/herbicides or chemical fertilizers are allowed.

If you fail to follow any of the above guidelines, the garden manager will contact you and give you a reasonable amount of time to correct the problem.  If you do not respond, other actions will be taken.

*updated June 2014

Remember excess produce can be used by local food banks.