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Department of Elections

NOTICE- Pre-Canvassing on Election Day

The Department of Elections is responsible for conducting primary and all elections. Other functions include handing out petitions, and providing street lists, informing the electorate through advertised proclamations and notices of upcoming elections, maintaining the county’s election records, establishing polling places and districts, and assisting the elector with questions about the election’s process, laws, and procedures.
There are 27 election districts in Union County. Each election district has an Election Board, which consists of a Judge of Elections, a Majority Inspector, Minority Inspector, Majority Clerk, and Minority Clerk.

We are responsible for candidates who run for office on the Federal, Judicial, State, County, Township, Borough, School District, Precinct, and Party levels. County, Township, and Borough elections are Municipal and held in odd numbered years. National and state elections are held in even numbered years and are called General. Every year there is a primary. On Election Day we go from a staff of 2 to a staff of well over 150.

Pennsylvania has a closed primary, which means a voter must declare himself a member of a major political party and vote only for candidates of that party. Currently in Pennsylvania the major political parties are Republican and Democratic.

Any voter, who is unable to get to the polls or chooses to vote via mail may do so. Applications for mail-in ballots may be made fifty (50) days prior to the election, but not later than seven (7) days before the election.

Department of Voter Registration

The Voter Registration Office is responsible for maintaining and updating approximately 23,000 active and inactive registered voters in Union County. We receive changes of addresses from the Department of Transportation daily. Most of our new registrations are from the Driver License Photo Centers. Under the Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act of 1995, if you registered to vote and are an active voter, you will always be registered to vote in PA. All changes of address, name, or party affiliation must be recorded and maintained. Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, who has been a citizen of the United States at least one month, who has been a resident of the state of Pennsylvania in Union County for at least thirty (30) days may register to vote in Union County.

Act 77 of 2019 provides for extension of voter registration deadline 15 days prior to Primary or election and return of the ballot up until election day 8 PM. It also provides for no excuse by mail voting. Additionally the November Election will no longer have the option to straight party vote.

Registration closes fifteen (15) days prior to the primary and election and opens the very next day. 


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Municipal Election, November 2, 2021

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Democratic Party - Local Representative
Rick Thomas, Chair
(570) 524-0615
Email:  [email protected]
Republican Party - Local Representative
Carolyn Conner, Chair
(570) 568-1217
Email: [email protected]
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