Need a 911 Address for Union or Snyder County?

The Union County GIS Department, Snyder County, Central Susquehanna Regional 911, United States Postal Service, and your local municipality have undertaken the assignment of city-style addressing that conforms to the NENA standard for 911 addressing within Union and Snyder Counties.

A resident requesting an address is required to fill out the request form below or use the Geo Application for 911 Addresses and place a point on the map where the driveway will enter the property. Once the request is received, GIS software is used to assign the address. This will include the use of aerial imagery and digital tools that measure the length of the road segments in relationship to the location of the driveway or entrance to the property. This will accurately assign a standardized number to the structure.

The new address and changes to existing addresses are updated and input to several different systems such as the tax assessment database, USPS database and the 911 centers for emergency dispatch. Please make sure your contact information is complete and accurate so that we can contact you. Once you have submitted your request, we will contact you to confirm the details of your request and give you your assigned address. If you have questions concerning your new or existing address you may contact the GIS Office.