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Newpaper Articles on Local History

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The Remarkable Widow Catherine Smith
Ludwig Derr's Town
George H. Ramer: Congressional Medal of Honor
Bliss-McClure House & Carriage House in Lewisburg, PA: The Underground Railroad  
Christy Mathewson 1880-1925: NY Giants Baseball Pitcher
Frank G. Bowe 1947 - 2007  
The Dale-Engle-Walker Farm  
Benjamin Kurtz Focht - Journalist, Publisher & Politician  
Theo Christ and the 1850's  
Pioneer Psychiatrist Headed Unique Institution: Dr. Mary Moore Wolfe
Hairy John
The Civil War Diary of William Harrison Hursh  
“Mrs. Emma Bucknell survives Titanic despite disregarding instincts”  
Sarah Winter Indenture of 1802  
Enoch Miller Building in Mifflinburg  
John George Obermeyer, 1727-1805, Early German Settler in Union County, PA  
Samuel Wolfe: A Union Country Military Man  
A Special Setting in Union County: The Dale House  
Mildred Focht: Student in Berlin at the Time of the Rise of the Nazis  
French Jacob  
Rev. Dr. Robert Lowry: Professor, Minister and Composer  

Places in Union County

Old Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery  
Grave News: Early Cemeteries  
The Lewisburg Opera House  
Tolls on Route 80? How About Tolls on Route 45!  
Penns Creek Arks and Butter Rock  
Furnace Road  
The Hyman Hotel, Winfield, Union Township, Union County
Snook's Mill  
Missing Mifflinburg Cemetery
The Old Log Academy and the Lewisburg Academy  
The Lewisburg Cemetery  


The History of Mifflinburg's Buggy Industry  
A Forester's Vision  
Telephone History
J. F. Groover and Bro. Store, Lewisburg, PA
Let There Be Light, Lewisburg's style  
William H. Blind & Union County Sleds
Union County Kline Family and the Civil War
Postal Service in 1911  
Theo Sterner Christ, 19th Century Doctor Photographers and Post Cards  
Fifty Years Ago (1962) Redware Potters in Union County 
There were Railroads in Union County  
An Early History of the Lewisburg Chair and Furniture Company  
Logging in Central PA  
Union County Gunsmithing  
Water-powered Gristmills of Union County  
The Art of Early Photography in Union County  
William Cameron and the Silsby Steam-powered Fire Engine  
Ario Pardee and the Pardee Lumbering Company  

Specific Events

Origins of the Union County Fair  
The Women's Liberty "Justice" Bell
The Civil War Monument  
Decoration Day  
Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation – 150 Years Ago (1863)  
1933, The Summer of Prison Breaks  
Bicentennial 2013  
January 1914  
A Village Dies In Union County  

General Events

Union County was the Frontier of European Settlement in Pennsylvania
Mifflinburg's Early History  
New Berlin's Beginnings  
Early Schooling in Union County  
One Hundred Years Ago (January 1910)  
From "Union County's Role in World War I"  
One Hundred Years Ago (December 1910)  
Some Flood History  
Development and Changes for Union County River Towns
Downtown Lewisburg: 1948  
Hartley Township, Union County PA  
Pennsylvania Canal System  
Before D-Day  
Flooding on the Susquehanna West Branch  
The Nolan Gang Prison Escape  


Searching for Indian History
Slavery and the Underground Railroad  
American Indians of the Susquehanna River Area  
Slavery and Emancipation: Contradictions and Challenges  


Record-setting Chautauqua in 1925  

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