Speakers Bureau

Talk Topics

Need a speaker for your event or meeting? Consider our Speakers Bureau's selection of talks. UCHS does not charge a fee for this service, but we do  accept and appreciate donations. If your school, scout or social group needs a speaker, please contact our office to make arrangements.

History of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Genealogy and DNA: Using DNA to Find Ancestors Who Leave No Documentation

Native Americans of Central PA

African-American History of Central PA

History and Meaning of PA German Family Names

History of the Amish

PA German Powwow Practices

History of 18th Century Forts in Central PA

A 1790 Snapshot of Central PA

The 1790 Census

Into Deepest, Darkest Pennsylvania: The 1790 Maclay Expedition

Civil War Medicine

History of the Ku Klux Klan in Central PA

Political Culture of Moonshine in Central PA

Changing Interpretations of Slave Sites

War Fever! How the Government’s Anti-German Propaganda Campaign Affected Central PA

History of Women’s Suffrage in Central PA

Tools of the Past - designed primarily for elementary students (in or out of the school building) to identify and appreciate the role of hand tools in the past)