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"Exploring Union County's Past to Inform the Present and Future"

For over a hundred years, the Union County Historical Society has gathered, recorded, and shared this county’s rich past. The oral histories, honored memories, and treasured heirlooms in our archives and collections capture and chronicle the essence of time and place.

Explore newspapers, publications, property histories, and genealogies. Join us and discover how your place in time links with ours. This is where your personal journey begins

UCHS Meetings

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10 August, 4 p.m., UCHS Board Meeting at the DEW House


The UCHS office has new hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9-3  

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WHEREAS the Union County Historical Society interprets, presents and promotes Union County’s rich and diverse history with responsible, respectful, and inclusive content; and

WHEREAS historians create responsible and balanced narratives that acknowledge and incorporate voices and perspectives previously ignored, forgotten or deleted; and

WHEREAS the study of history involves re-examining and re-evaluating past events according to changing evidence,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Union County Historical Society will strive to ensure that its publications, presentations, and programs are honest, rich, factual, balanced, and inclusive portrayals of the past, as best ascertained at the time of publication or presentation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we reaffirm our commitment to our educational mission: “Exploring Union County’s past to inform the present and future.”

                                                                                          UCHS Board of Directors                                                                                                    10 September 2020


Dale's Ridge Trail Use

If you plan to hike on the Dale’s Ridge Trail, please park in the trail-head space along Strawbridge Road.  If the lot there is full, please drive down the lane and park in the barn area near the Dale House.

Please avoid parking along the lane. These areas were recently seeded with wildflowers, and your vehicle may keep farm machinery and mowers from moving into and out of the field. Such parking could also keep emergency vehicles from accessing the area.

Remember, the Dale-Engle-Walker farm is private property owned by UCHS. The Linn Conservancy maintains the hiking trail. Enjoying the property and the trail is a privilege, not a right.

The trail is only open to human foot traffic and pets on leash. No horses, bicycles, etc. are permitted.

Please pick up and remove pet waste from the property.

- Trail use is restricted to approximately 30 minutes before/after sunrise/sunset).

- Park only in designated areas.

- Plants and animals are here for everyone's enjoyment. Leave all undisturbed in their place.

We ask you to follow these guidelines, remind others to do the same, and report any abuses or safety concerns to UCHS or to the Conservancy as soon as possible.

Both organizations work to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors, but if abuses continue, we may consider closing the property and trail for the duration of this crisis.

Please enjoy your experience and leave it even better for others.

Thank you!


1790 Milne- Druckenmiller Log Cabin

Courtesy of Mike Molesevich


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