Comprehensive Plan

On December 31, 2009 the Union County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to adopt Cultivating Community: A Plan for Union County's Future as the new county comprehensive plan. This action came after two years of extensive and meaningful community involvement and tireless hours of volunteer and staff contributions. The Cultivating Community plan will shape the county's future for years to come and guide decision-makers in managing future growth, promoting sustainable economic development, and preserving the rural landscape and way of life. The county now looks forward to continuing the partnerships that have been forged in this planning process to successfully implement the plan moving forward. The Union County Board of Commissioners and the Union County Planning Commission would like to thank all county citizens that provided input and participated in the process of developing this plan.

Table of Contents

Part I - Vision and Framework

Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Regional Context and Trends
Section 3. Sustainable Growth and Preservation Framework

Part II - Comprehensive Plan Elements

Section 4. Natural and Agricultural Resources
Section 5. Land Use
Section 6. Housing
Section 7. Economic Development
Section 8. Transportation
Section 9. Cultural, Historic, and Recreational Resources
Section 10. Community Facilities, Utilities, and Energy Conservation

Part III - Partnerships for Implementation

Section 11. Introduction
Section 12. Plan Monitoring
Section 13. Comprehensive Action Plans