Planning Projects & Services

Subdivision & Land Development

The County's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance covers Hartley Township, Harleton Borough Lewis Township, New Berlin Borough and West Buffalo Townships and can be viewed HERE.

County Comprehensive Plan

Cultivating Community: A Plan for Union County's Future - is the multi-municipal comprehensive plan adopted by the County and ten municipalities to serve as the guide to future growth in the County. The plan, as well as the steps in its development, can be viewed at

U.S. 15 Smart Transportation Corridor Improvement Plan

East Buffalo Township and Lewisburg Borough, together with their partners, Union County and PennDOT, initiated a 13-month long study of the US 15 corridor. Called the US 15 Smart Transportation Corridor Improvement Plan, its purpose is to develop a comprehensive framework and vision that integrates the analysis of both land use and transportation issues along the 2.5-mile-long corridor.

The Plan focuses on improving mobility, safety, circulation, and quality of life. It also makes recommendations that balance future traffic capacity demands within the context of existing and future land use conditions, community vision, and multi-modal travel options. The goal of the Plan is to develop efficient, functional concepts and designs for the corridor that are compatible with the community.

The final plan can be viewed here.

Union County Affordable Housing Fund

The Union County Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board (UCAHF) was established in December 1996 to assist first time homebuyers with the closing costs and down payments of a home. This advisory board to the County Commissioners receives its funding from the Recorder's Office by a small fee paid through the registering of property deeds. The Union County Planning Commission oversees the administration and processing of applications to the UCAHF Board.

The application for the UCAHF can be found here.