Community Service

The community service program is a program that has been put in place to allow offenders to give back to the community while giving them an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves. Giving offenders the opportunity to complete community service gives them a chance to improve ties within the community and connect to others that are a part of the same community. It allows them to remain physically active, develop communication and vocational skills, as well as increase their knowledge base. The community service program offers an opportunity for offenders to gain new experiences and form new interests. In some instances, the act of completing community service has led to employment opportunities by gaining references and meeting different people in the community.

Treatment Court

All participants who are accepted into the Treatment Court program are required to complete community service. Upon entrance into the program, participants are assigned 40 hours of community service. After completion of the 40 hours, participants who are working less than 35 hours per week in approved employment are required to complete a weekly community service assignment based upon the hours per week that they are employed. All participants are required to participate in any special/annual community service projects as deemed appropriate by the Treatment Court Judge.