Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts

**Updates to Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts Office**

Marriage Licenses will be by appointment only.
Passports by appointment only.
Judgment/Lien Searching by appointment only in the Prothonotary Office.  A public access civil system will also be available in the Courthouse Lobby. 
Recording/Filing The current practice of utilizing our drop box, sending documents through the mail, by fax or e-mail to [email protected] will continue.  If necessary, you may schedule an appointment.
Appointments can be requested by calling the Prothonotary Office (570) 524-8751 before 4:00 p.m. the day prior to schedule an appointment - no e-mails, faxes or walk-ins.


For additional information regarding our office policies and procedures regarding our opening during

the green phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic please read the following document: 

Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts Office Guidlines

The word "Prothonotary" is a Latin word meaning "First Notary"; dating back to Ecclesiastical Law as being the highest administrator of the Court of Rome and the First Notary. When a case was ready for trial, the Prothonotary would notify the Judges when to appear in Court to try the case. Thus today's meaning of Prothonotary is "first notary of the Court." 

The Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts Office is located on the first floor of the Courthouse. This office performs several duties for the public including the issuing of passports for foreign travel, marriage licenses and swearing in of elected local officials. This office also archives all marriage certificates for public use.

The Prothonotary is the keeper/clerk of the civil records/division for the court and is responsible for filing, storing, and distributing official civil documents.