Register of Wills

The Register/Recorders Office will be closed until December 6th, 2021 if you have any questions you can contact Lisa Seward at 570-716-0818. 

The Register of Wills office serves many purposes: probate of wills of deceased residents of Union County; appointment of estates of individuals without a will; and maintenance of records pertaining to estates.
Inheritance taxes are collected for the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Division. Checks issued for the payment of inheritance taxes shall be payable to "Union County Register of Wills, Agent".
All checks issued for the payment of probate or filing fees shall be payable to "Union County Register of Wills".
All estates from 1813 to date have been placed on microfilm for easier access by attorneys and the public.

Probate Requirements

The following are the initial requirements for opening an estate:

  • Petition (unsigned) 
  • Death certificate 
  • Original Last Will and Testament/Codicil 
  • Renunciations 
  • Witness affidavits 
  • Probate fees

The probate fees are due and payable at the time of probate.