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Why Choose Union County?
Strategic Location
Quality of Life
In Great Company
Supporting Your Business
Within 3 hours of Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York, and
Washington, D.C.
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Multi-modal transportation
network – Central to everything!
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Move-In ready sites for
manufacturing and distribution
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At I-80 and U.S. Route 15 and near other major Interstate Highways

Multiple rail-served sites

Move-in ready sites

Quality of Life
Outdoor Adventure
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Family Friendly Communities
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Quality Education
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Lower violent crime

Lower tax rates

Access to quality health-care

In Great Company
Robust Manufacturing Community
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Committed to Education
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Central to New Sources of Energy
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Playworld Systems


Con-way Freight


Supporting Your Business
Keystone Opportunity Zone
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Workforce Training
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Incentives for Business
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Keystone Opportunity Zone

Commercial Lending Available

Business Development Organizations

Union County, PA:
Central to Everything for Your Business

Did You Know?

We are located within 1 day's drive of:

of the U.S. population
of the Canadian population
of U.S. manufacturers
of U.S. domestic trade & service industries
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