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New Sources of Energy

Access to Clean, Affordable Energy

Limestone Twp

Pennsylvania is home to beautiful rivers, lush forests, fragrant fields, and majestic mountains and we’re working to keep them that way. The state fully embraces renewable energy sources to meet its growing energy demands.

Wind Farm

Throughout the state, 27 wind farms produce over 1300 MW of power, enough electricity for 350,000 homes. While most wind farms are located in southwest-central or northeastern areas of the state, there are two wind farms in nearby Lycoming and Montour counties with 81 turbines that have a combined farm capacity of 171 MW.


Contrary to popular beliefs, solar is a viable option in the northeast. Solar has become more affordable in recent years with tax incentives for both consumers and businesses alike. It continues to grow in popularity along with other renewable energy sources.

Currently, 14.2% of the state’s net electric generation is based on renewable energy like solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass sources. A mandate of 18% of all electricity to be generated by renewable or alternative sources by 2021 is part of Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Act, denoting that .5% of all energy to be solar.

Demand for Cleaner Electric Power

Gas Line

Pennsylvania has benefitted greatly from natural gas extractions from Marcellus shale fracking operations in the state. The state’s natural gas production has increased 2800% over the past decade, providing 16% of the nation’s natural gas. Consumers across the state are enjoying 40% lower utility bills thanks to the natural gas surplus.

This boom in gas production has increased the demand for gas by electric power producers in Pennsylvania. This has created plans for new gas power plants to be built. A new natural gas power plant in neighboring Northumberland County is expected to provide electricity to about 1 million customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast with plans for another natural gas plant to be built nearby.

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