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We understand that what’s good for business is good for Union County. That’s why the region offers deep resources that can help you launch or expand your business. From business assistance and development organizations to the lenders you need to secure your financing, you’ll find the support you need to get started or to take your business to the next level.

Business Assistance


Need help with

  • workforce procurement,
  • development loans,
  • lean manufacturing,
  • 5S, or 
  • other processes and resources that can position your established business for success?

Let the region’s business assistance organizations help you take your business where you want to go!

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Business Development

Business Development

Thinking of starting a business? Put the region’s business development resources to work for you! The area features several business incubators that can help you launch and nurture a new business.

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Union County features commercial lenders and assistance agencies that can help you find the financing you need for your business.

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We reward your business for calling Union County home. We offer many financial benefits ranging from tax abatement in certain locations, to tax credits for businesses that bring innovation to our area, and even tax breaks on improvements that benefit communities and stimulate local economies.

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Site Selection

Great Stream Commons

Looking for a site for your business?

Let Union County’s Site Search tool help you find the perfect location!

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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

The Union County labor shed has a highly educated and skilled workforce but there are resources available to help if you have specific workforce needs. Our partners can design customized workforce development and training programs to meet your needs. 

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