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March 2020 Your SEDA-COG news & updates Visit our Website Urgent Manufacturing Request: Critical Supplies Needed

March 19, 2020

The White House has reached out to the National Association of Manufacturers to seek volunteers who can donate and provide and/or produce within two weeks large-scale quantities of critical supplies to help the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the urgency of this request, manufacturers should take the survey as soon as possible.

Please note survey question 5. Even if you cannot produce specific items that are requested, please indicate other items you are in position to make available.

Critical supplies include:

·        Cotton swabs with long wooden sticks
·        Endotracheal tubes
·        Falcon tubes
·        Gloves
·        Lightweight protective suits
·        N95 masks
·        Over-the-shoe booties
·        PAPRs
·        Rapid PCR test kits
·        Ventilators
·        Vital sign monitors
·        Viral transport media

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