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Penn State's Learning Factory is looking for industry Participants!

July 21, 2020

Penn State's Bernard M. Gordon Learning Factory is currently looking for industry participants for Penn State’s College of Engineering Learning Factory program. Information on the Learning Factory can be found HERE and here is information on how to Submit a Project.

There are few changes for the Fall 2020 semester program due to the current pandemic environment that should be noted:
No site visits are going to be permitted at this time
Students can utilize the Learning Factory to work on physical prototypes (if necessary) up until Thanksgiving break
After Thanksgiving break, students will not be returning to campus and will finish the semester virtually.
The end of semester project showcase will take place virtually (similar to the link above)
Due to some of the restrictions it may be even more useful to have projects that are based on digital technologies that have been previously completed.

The cost to sponsor a project team is $3,500 for the semester. PennTAP has 6-8 vouchers for companies that can show a financial need. The voucher reduces the fee in half.  Project proposals are due 8/3 for the Fall 2020 semester.


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