March 04, 2020

Coronavirus Information Resources

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Information

The following resources are provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help residents understand and prepare for the effects of the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19.  Please take a moment to review the information presented in the following links:
Coronavirus Disease / COVID-19 - What you should know

Preventing COVID-19 Spread at home

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in the Workplace

Information for High Risk Populations - These populations include, but are not limited to, Pregnant women, Children, the Elderly and individuals with chronic medical conditions

Additional information for:

Healthcare Workers

First Responders

Please be aware that the spread of coronavirus, and its resulting COVID-19 infections, is a dynamic changing situation. Information and news will continue to evolve and Union County is dedicated in informing you, the public, with the best steps you can take to protect yourself, your families and your community. Please bookmark this page for easy reference when new information becomes available.