March 19, 2020

Status of Union County Operations

Portions of the County Offices remain open

Union County filed a Declaration of Emergency last Friday.  Union County continues to provide services, with only minor restrictions and with some modifications in its interactions with the public.   The County is following the federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) and State guidelines on operations in order to provide services while also engaging in social distancing to assist our local health systems’ resources remain available to meet the health needs of our residents.

“Our best line of defense to the impacts of COVID-19 in our county and region, is for all residents to wash their hands regularly, reduce interaction with others, and stay home as much as possible,” stated County Commissioner Chairman Preston Boop.  

“While we will maintain county services to the extent possible, we ask that the public defer all non-essential requests, and use the telephone, e-mail and county website to connect with our staff.  A directory of the County’s services and departments is available on the county website  Many services are available electronically on the Forms tab of the county website,” noted County Commissioner Jeff Reber.
“The COVID-19 section of the County’s website provides resources ranging from public health and safety guidance to government policy and health updates related to the COVID-19 virus.  The website will be updated frequently to enable our residents to be informed in order to then take the appropriate actions to keep themselves and the community as safe and healthy as possible,” said Commissioner Stacy Richards.  

“On Monday, our District Court filed a Declaration of Emergency as an initial step to adjust court proceeds in response to the COVID-19 virus, stated Union County President of the Courts Judge Michael Hudock. “Information about adjustments to the court’s operations and schedule will be shared with affected parties and, as appropriate, with the public at large.  For example, at least through April 14th, no passports will be processed and marriage licenses will only be issued to Union County residents.  The court assessment, delinquent tax claims and Treasurer’s office will remain open.  Many court activities will be on a modified schedule.  We anticipate conducting many of our client interactions via videoconferences and phone.“