January 30, 2015

Union County Tax Bills Mailed

A total of 19,351 local tax bills were mailed by the Union County Assessment Office today. The Assessment Office is responsible not only for assessment, but tax bill printing and administration. County and municipal real estate tax bills mailed today went to 16,730 owners of property in Union County.  2,370 per capita tax bills were mailed to residents of Hartleton and Lewisburg Boroughs and Harley Township.  Another 251 interim real estate tax bills were mailed out for the county’s school districts.

Payment of any of these tax bills varies from municipality to municipality. Taxpayers should pay close attention to individual bills and the information on each one: tax collector’s name, address, and hours of collection.  If you receive bills for properties you own in multiple Union County municipalities, chances are they are not all paid at the same location. 

The following townships and township division and municipalities have their own tax collectors: East Buffalo, Gregg, Kelly, Limestone, Union, Union Independent, and White Deer, and Lewisburg Borough.

The townships of Buffalo, Hartley, Lewis, and West Buffalo, and of boroughs of Mifflinburg, New Berlin, and Hartleton pay their taxes directly to Tax Collector Diane Reigle found in the Union County Courthouse Assessment office.  Tax bills paid to Tax Collector Diane Reigle are available for credit card payment; however, there is a 3.5% charge for the use of the credit card.

Taxpayers are reminded that the discount period for early payment of 2015 county and municipal taxes runs from February 1st through March 31st, 2015. School taxes are billed in July after area school districts adopt their budgets and set their individual tax rates.